No Alerts

Please login by selecting the LogIn button in the upper right hand corner.  You will need to log in using your IU Username and passphrase to update your mail forwarding information with Residential Programs and Services. 

By updating your mail forwarding information in this system, you will be alerting Residence Center staff of your new address.  It is the student's responsibility at the time of move out to complete this information.

*We do not alert the United States Postal of your address change.  After filling this information out, you should go to the United States Postal Service website at to update your address.

*Mail received will only be forwarded for ONE (1) year.  After that it will be returned to sender.

*We do not forward mail outside of the United States.  If you will no longer be living in the United States, we suggest that you provide a forwarding address of someone in the United States who can send your mail to you after you leave the country.